Cat's Arch - Services


All services are hosted locally, available on IPv4 and IPv6, and collect no logs. My ISP is Comcast and I don't use Cloudflare or any other middleman in front of my services. Privacy and security tests can be found at Security Headers and SSL Labs.


A self-hosted Nitter instance for browsing Twitter privately.


A self-hosted Rimgo instance for browsing Imgur privately.


A self-hosted BreezeWiki instance for browsing fandom privately.


A self-hosted quetre instance for browsing Quora privately.


A self-hosted libremdb instance for browsing IMDb privately.

Connectivity Check

A connectivity check URL for Android and NetworkManager. Returns HTTP 204 and includes the X-NetworkManager-Status header. Reachable at or The HTTP version does NOT redirect to the HTTPS version. (Links can be copied but not visted).