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Bella is my first cat who is unfortunately no longer with us. She was very mean and gave me many bites, scratches, and scars, but that never stopped me from loving her. I'm saddened by how little pictures I have of her and wish I had taken so many more in her short time with us.

Bella playing with her tail in a cardboard box Baby Bella looking at the camera


Lacy is the first of my current two cats. Very needy, not very playful. Very bipolar on whether she wants to be pet or not. She also really likes begging me to watch her eat. She's all black besides a little white tuft right on her chest and she's also the icon for this site!

Lacy sitting down in a cat house she's too big for Lacy staring straight at the camera Baby Lacy kneeding on a blanket


Holly is the second of my current two cats. She's playful and incredibly loving, always choosing to snuggle with me specifically after I get out of the bathroom for some reason. Her favorite activity is staring out the window at the birds or making random noises and running across the house at full speed.

Holly looking our way while playing with a toy Close up of Holly's paws and face Baby Holly getting cheek scratches and looking at the camera