Cat's Arch - About

Who are you?

I'm Butter Cat, a tech nerd who heavily enjoys Linux, movement shooters, and rock music. I first got into computers around 2012 and besides the learning I've done on my own I also went to a vocational school for IT and am now going to college for computer science.

What do you do?

I just started working a networking assistant job and plan to keep it as long as possible. Hobbywise I'm often tinkering with my computer or server, that or playing games and occasionally tending to my growing music collection or in the warmer months flinging my RC car around.

How's this server hosted?

Currently I use Proxmox for my server's OS which in turn hosts multiple Arch Linux LXC containers, one of which hosts this webserver. I have more internal services that I plan to make public when possible. One when that project begins working again, and others when when my area gets higher upload speed.

How can I get in contact with you?

I can be emailed for any reason at

Please don't hesitate to get in contact with me for any reason, especially if there's an issue with one of the services I host!